Monday, August 13, 2007

Email Stress

Another one of the maladies affecting the common man in this age.

Read this news article.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News from my alma mater


Tek Music rocks.It is the best band in India and it has received sooo many recognitions.Here is the update from yesterday's Metro Plus.My favorite band teams up with my favorite singer, Vasundhara Das. :) Hindu.

Also the bridge from the main campus to the Management School and hostel is up.You can read it here.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The morning after rains

Monsoon has started and if you are one of the unfortunate souls(like me) to leave for office at 7, have you observed the morning after the rains?? Everything looks as if some has turned on a hose pipe - the trees with green leaves,even the clouds and some houses. No no of course not our roads,our roads often resemble the drainage after a heavy downpour. This clean-up is more strongly seen in my hometown.It is a wonderful feeling seeing everything so fresh and leaves you in awe of Nature.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Soft music is surely soothing to hear

Was hearing some devotional songs from morning till now. Very pleasing ones. I could find one big difference, I didn't get the usual headache,something I usually get after hearing film songs.Many people say that these days film songs are too loud or the lyrics are undecipherable. I can only agree with them on this point after today's experience.But I think some people will argue saying that it is only the psychological effect.Maybe that is also true.

Just making small posts now and then to announce to the world that my blog is alive and kicking.
Will make a longer post quite soon. Also I need to change my blog's 'look and feel'. I am yet to learn how to do that. So people, keep checking for a revamped Pensieve. :) :)

Test Post

Something wrong with my blogger account.. testing using Firefox :)

Kindly put up with the trouble.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Morning musings...

8 30 AM on a busy weekday.Was walking down the Airport Road (in Bangalore), with my roomie,to catch the 5 45 shuttle.15 more minutes to go. Come on lets, walk fast, I say to her.Lets catch an auto,but man there is bumper to bumper traffic that seems to move every 20minutes. Not worth it.

We walk for 5 minutes. Suddenly you hear the siren of an ambulance. It is stuck in the traffic with not an inch to move. Surely it must have been a life threatening situation for someone inside the ambulance and i can very well imagine the plight of the family.The multi-speciality hospital was just 5 minutes away but with the current traffic situation the ambulance could not have moved for another 15 minutes. We keep moving on...

I have heard people losing life because they can't afford the treatment or maybe due to unavailability of doctors,equipments etc but if it is because they were caught in traffic... then we have to seriously think about it.

Airport road is one of the most important road that houses the bigwigs of the software industry,five star hotels and is also home to the pride of India, ISRO. But unfortunately its very poorly planned.There is no concept of lanes. I can only say that the main road itself is a lane.

The software companies have time to time raised concerns about the poor infrastructure in the city.Promises are made but the situation doesn't seem to improve much. One reason can be the city's developing at a rate that is difficult to grasp. But it is not gone completely out of control.

It is late to salvage the situation but one solution can be to analyse traffic/road management in other major cities and implement the same in Bangalore also. But it takes a lot of patience from the city people who have to be resourceful dynamic with a vision to make it come true.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weekend Thoughts...

Yet another week has gone.. time travelling at the speed of light

Weekends are a welcome respite but is quite boring when you stay alone.

By the time its saturday evening, I am like "One more day"...

Will have to get some novels.. will write about it on monday..

till then "HAPPY WEEKEND" to all of you out there.

have a nice time..